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  • Studying at Archbishop’s grammar school in Prague taught me a lot. There was pages of notes of knowledge poured on us every lesson, from mathematics, to physics, to biology, to arts. But I developed a special love for humanities, especially philosophy and religion. The deep questions of meaning and purpose have been a prism I looked at the world through. The Socratic method of questioning became my mindset. The what was not enough without the why. I had so many questions. I wanted to see the world through the lens of the smartest, cinema became my window.

  • This lead me to pursue Bachelor’s degree in film making at one of the best film schools in the world, FAMU. It was a brief but revelationary experience, exploring complexity of the human mind through so many great thinkers and artists. The search for depth manifestable in every shot, was a tremendous puzzle to solve. My thesis on Interactive drama preceeded in 2009 the evolution of games rich in stotytelling, now possible with large language models.

  • I went onto study two Masters in Computer Science and Business Strategy at super student friendly Masaryk University. I studied almost triple of the required 60 credits in the first year in courses on management, service design, business models, leadership, cognitive psychology, information science, algorithmization and data structures. I was also selected to my first startup accelerator at JIC.

  • The following year I went to Copenhagen Business School as an exchange student, where in the first month I won national startup competition and was sent to Silicon Valley for a month long visit. We met local foremost innovators and got mentorship from serial entrepreneurs. I felt right where I wanted to be. Software was starting to eat the world and everything was up for discovery. I knew the really meaningful innovation will come in the enterprise domain.

  • What I was lacking though was an experience with large corporates. So as my last thing in Denmark, I visited an Enterprise Architecture conference with CIOs from top companies all over Scandinavia. I knew I need to understand the efficiency of work in corporations, the way people are motivated, the decision making of the leaders, the strategy advised by consultants, the blueprints of the IT systems and how they create environments for people to thrive in.

  • In my career I then went through banks, telecoms, IT service providers, system integrators, development studios, bodyshops, radical quantitative startups, ed tech, learning experience platforms, business intelligence teams and many other projects.

  • I started as business analyst, data scientist, full stack developer, tech lead, AI researcher, chatbot and blockchain consultant, LLM conference speaker and CTO. I have attended probably around 30 hackathons and I have won prize in 18 of them. From technologies, I especially believe in indexes, graph algorithms, vector search, boosted trees, and my biggest passion was since 2014 natural language processing.

  • With the advent of large language models we have reached a new paradigm in computing, where the best programming language is the human language and we are at the very beginning of conceptualizing what this means for the role of IT in our society. I recommend reading my blog posts to see what capabilities I see as the next big thing coming to enterprise IT.

  • My mission these days is to amplify human intelligence in enterprises all over the world, mainly in knowledge bases, analysis and research. I want to let companies be better aligned with their ESG goals, the principles of resilience and sustainability, their competitive advantage in the global context, the current emerging technology trends, what their customers need from them and what employees feel when they are working for them. It is a huge playground and we have weapons like never before to give us a chance at building the just world we need to build to survive as species.

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